Sell gold via Tavid
gold envelope

The gold envelope enables
you to sell gold conveniently and securely
via insured and traceable mail.

You can send your gold to us conveniently by POST:

Option 1: Go to your nearest Omniva Post office and say that you want to send gold/silver items to Tavid AS.

Option 2 (For those of you who live in Estonian rural areas, more than 5 km from the nearest post office):
Order a postal worker to your home to collect your valuables by contacting Omniva Post Customer Service Centre by telephone 661 6616. Let them know that you want to send gold/silver to Tavid AS. The collection service does not have any additional fee.

Postal worker gives you the contract to be filled out and a security envelope. The completed contract is closed with gold/silver objects into the security envelope and postal worker will finalize the shipment.

Sending fee of 4 EUR will be deducted later from the price of your gold/silver items.
Exact information by telephone +372 627 9900.