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We now transfer money to the Philippines via Banco de Oro!

TavexWise Money Transfers

Tavid AS is an agent of payment service provider TavexWise, which offers fast and convenient cross-border money transfer at competitive rates. TavexWise is part of the Tavex Group – a leading Northern European currency exchange company, and constitute a cheaper alternative to traditional bank transfers.

The quickest way to make international money transfers.

Express transfers is quickest and most convenient way of make international money transfers between Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Lativa, Estonia, Bulgaria and Poland. In case of an acute need of funds, we offer express transfers, which is an alternative to the traditional bank transfers.

Money sent from the countries above are available in all Tavid or Tavex shops within 5 mins. Money transfers through bank accounts will arrive to its destination within 1 hour. Transfer of amounts exceeding EUR 6,000 can take longer. The exact transfer time will depend on the specific transfer, and we will notify you on the transfer time when you conduct the transfer.

Why use TavexWise?

Faster and cheaper – Compared to other express transfer services offered by the banks, and which normally take at least one to two bank days, TavexWise transfers are quicker and up to 40% cheaper.

All the funds to the receiver – With Express transfers, the receiver gets all the money, without any extra fees deducted from the sent amount.

More options

Transfers from the banks only allows you to make transfers in Euros or Dollars. With us you can make transfers in all the currencies which are available in our currency list. ‘

Advantageous rates

We exchange cash or electronic transfers to the local currencies with the most advantageus conversion rates. There are no limits to the the amount you want to transfer or exchange.

How can we transfer money quicker than anyone else?

Our TavexWise Express wire transfer system is based on a network of offices, and the opportunity to use various bank accounts in all countries where we operate. Payments via national and internal accounts are much quicker than international company accounts – we can use our network to give our customers the fastest money transfer service on the market.

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