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Offer has ended: we buy Swiss goldbars at +5% above the world market price

Published by Kirke Sööt in category Financial news on 06.04.2020
Gold price (XAU-EUR)
1 765,95 EUR/oz
- 8,65 EUR
Silver price (XAG-EUR)
21,52 EUR/oz
- 0,31 EUR

Offer has ended!


Dear customers,

Due to the insufficient supply of investment gold products from manufacturers, we buy Swiss Valcambi and PAMP gold bars at special price: + 5% above the spot price (normal price is -1% below the spot price).

Terms of offer:

  • Gold bars must be in perfect condition and sealed in original package: Valcambi gold bars in orange package, PAMP sealed package should include QR code (older series are not subject to current offer).
  • Sizes 100 g, 50 g, 1 oz, 20 g, 10 g, 5 g, 2.5 g, 1 g.
  • Offer is valid until we announce the end of the offer.

You wish to sell the gold bars or coins from some other producer and want to get better price than indicated in our pricelist?
Please contact us by phone 6279900 and we make you a personal offer.



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