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Tavid soovitab lugeda: Special Report Gold

Avaldatud Kirke Sööt kategoorias Kogu uudisvoog või 15.07.2008
Kulla hind (XAU-EUR)
1 705,95 EUR/oz
+ 8,14 EUR
Hõbeda hind (XAG-EUR)
22,29 EUR/oz
+ 0,48 EUR

Analüüsi kokkuvõte:

  • Secular bull market still intact

  • Strongly increased investor interest in 2008 and beyond

  • Gold is rising due to a structural supply/demand deficit

  • Central banks will want to achieve a higher degree of diversification of their dollar holdings

  • Necessary correction following an overbought scenario

  • First target price 1,200; longterm target: inflation-adjusted all-timehigh of USD 2,300

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