We buy gold and silver at
market leading prices

We buy gold and silver at market leading prices

You can sell gold or silver to us over the counter in one of our offices in Tallinn or Tartu.

Sell gold and silver to Tavid

Since we are the largest precious metals dealer in Northern Europe, selling gold and silver to us comes with certain benefits:

  • Instant payout.
  • You will get the highest price for your items (this is guaranteed by our Best Price Policy).
  • Our buy prices are live, updated every five minutes to ensure you receive the most accurate price.

The process is simple and transparent

When selling to Tavid you know that you dealing with a reliable and established company that has served millions of happy customers over the years.

And the best part: selling to Tavid is easy. You can sell gold or silver to us over the counter in one of our offices. See our buy prices below and sell your gold and silver today.

Jewellery Purchasing

We believe that currently number of pawnshops, foreign gold buying companies and other purchasers of gold operating in the Estonian market do not offer a fair price.

Our specialist determines the proof of your gold or silver jewellery and quotes the price. Money is paid immediately after gold/silver has been checked.



Last updated 21.04.2019 at 07:53

Scrap Gold We buy Price alert
1 gram of 375 (9K) gold
12.70 € Watch
1 gram of 585 (14K) gold
19.93 € Watch
1 gram of 750 (18K) gold
25.55 € Watch
1 gram of 900 gold (coins)
30.85 € Watch
1 gram of 917 gold (coins)
31.39 € Watch
1 gram of 999 gold (coins)
34.39 € Watch
Scrap Silver We buy Price alert
1 gram of 500 silver
0.13 € Watch
1 gram of 830 silver
0.28 € Watch
1 gram of 925 silver
0.31 € Watch
1 gram of 999 silver
0.33 € Watch


The buy-back prices shown are for guidance only and indicate what we would pay right now for items that have been checked by one of our precious metals experts. The amount you receive might be more or less than the amount shown, depending on when we receive your item(s) and the price of gold or silver at that specific time of the day, which might be higher or lower than it is currently.

Price alert

Select an ideal price at which you want to make your transaction and then sit back. When the price is reached, we will send a notification to your email. Price Alert is a free service.