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Sell gold via Tavid’s gold envelope

How to sell gold by post? Click here
The gold envelope is a service that enables you to sell gold conveniently and securely via insured and traceable mail.
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About Purities
14K (585°) is the most common purity for gold jewellery.

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Is investment gold and silver exempt from Value Added Tax in Estonia?

Investment gold is exempt of VAT since January 1st 2000 within the EU. Investment silver bars carry full 22% VAT in Estonia. New investment silver coins carry full 22% VAT and pre-owned investment silver coins carry 22% VAT on the premium.

How to buy Gold and Silver?

Buy Online from Tavid

To place an online order, just follow these six easy steps:

1. Choose your Products
Find the desired products under our product category list (Gold Bars | Gold Coins | Silver Bars | Silver Coins) and add them to your shopping cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.

2. Check your Cart
The shopping cart provides you with an overview of the total value of your order and enables you to easily add to or take away the products you have previously chosen. Once you feel ready to finalise your order, just click the “Checkout” button that is visible at the bottom right of your shopping cart window.

3. Checkout
In the checkout window, we ask you to select a delivery option (self pick-up or insured mail), and to fill in the required personal information either as a member or as a guest. Review that you have filled in all the details correctly and thereafter click the “Order” button that is visible at the bottom right of your checkout window.

4. Confirmation
Your order is now placed and an invoice containing the payment details and the instructions on how to transfer the funds is automatically sent to the email address you provided during the checkout.

5. Make Payment
The clearing of your funds may take 1-2 business days depending on your bank. We will always notify you by email when we have received your payment. Click here to read more about our payment options.

6.  Take Delivery of your Products
Depending on the delivery option you selected during checkout, the products are delivered to you by insured mail, or will be waiting for you to personally pick them up at our office. Click here to read more about delivery.

Buy Over the Counter from Tavid

Just walk into one of our five offices in Stockholm and buy over the counter. Click here to see our opening hours. For purchases over the counter, Tavid accepts cash and foreign currency.

How is Tavid able to offer such low prices?

Tavid is part of the Tavex Group which operates in eight countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia and Latvia). The Group is Northern Europe’s largest dealer of precious metals and thus handles vast amounts of products. In addition, we are partners with well-known companies such as Valcambi, PAMP, the Perth Mint, the Austrian Mint and China Great Wall Coins Investments from whom we obtain our products. Therefore, we are able to offer extremely competitive prices.

Does Tavid sell products that are not in stock?

Tavid is a serious market player and therefore we consider it very important not to sell products we do not currently have in stock.

Scrap Gold
We Buy (Up to)
1 gram of 375 (9K) gold
1 gram of 585 (14K) gold
1 gram of 750 (18K) gold
1 gram of 900 gold (coins)
1 gram of 917 gold (coins)
1 gram of 999 gold
Scrap Silver
We Buy (Up to)
1 gram of 500 silver
1 gram of 830 silver
1 gram of 925 silver
1 gram of 999 silver

Why sell gold and silver to Tavid?
  • You get the best price
  • Friendly service across Europe
  • Fast payout options

What we buy via the gold envelope

We buy gold investment bars and coins, old and unwanted jewellery, rings, necklaces, pendants, chains, earrings, medals, watches, and broken gold items.

Tavid does not buy melted gold & silver, gold dust, plated or rolled gold items. Pearls and precious stones will be discarded. In addition, we do not buy gold items that have a fineness less than 375 (9 karats).

How to sell gold and silver to Tavid?

Fill out the form

Fill out the precious metal selling form and enclose it in a security envelope together with the items you want to sell and with the copy of your identification document (you can also email it to The receiver will be Tavid AS, Pärnu mnt 186, Tallinn, Estonia.

Check information & place items

Option 1: Go to your nearest Omniva Post office and say that you want to send gold/silver items to Tavid AS.

Option 2: (For those of you who live in Estonian rural areas, more than 5 km from the nearest post office):
Order a postal worker to your home to collect your valuables by contacting Omniva Post Customer Service Centre by telephone 661 6616. Let them know that you want to send gold/silver to Tavid AS. The collection service does not have any additional fee.

Sending fee will be deducted later from the price of your gold/silver items.

Send products & receive payment

We will receive the parcel within 1-3 working days. We will verify your items the same day we receive the parcel and will also inform you by phone and email that same day of our offer. We will always offer you the price for the items according to our up to date pricelist.

The cash is paid out the same day you accept our offer.