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Can I order products with the stock status “arrival unknown”?

It is not possible to order on your own products with the stock status “arrival unknown” in the online shop. We recommend you call us on +372 627 9900 or by email at about a possible order.

Can someone else pay for my order?

The client, the payer and the recipient must be the same person, whether you pay by bank transfer or debit/credit card.

Do I have to pay a fee when exchanging currencies at Tavid?

Commission on foreign exchange is 2 euro.

Do I have to pre-order when buying large amount of a currency?

Although we can arrange large sums of foreign currency at short notice, we recommend that you contact us on +372 627 9900 or at in order to reserve the currency.

Does Tavid exchange coins?

We accept euro coins, also swedish, norwegian, danish, british, polish and latvian coins. We are not able to exchange other currencies in coins.

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