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Tavid is the largest currency exchange company in Estonia. We have more than 30 years of experience on the local market.

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Tavid is the largest currency exchange company in Estonia. We have more than 30 years of experience on the local market.

EUR 1000
Exchange rate0.6547
Fee2 EUR
Total to pay1002 EUR
Recepient gets9555 SEK
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Exchange currency in one of our 5 offices in Estonia

Tavid has made currency exchange in Estonia convenient for you. Visit one of our 5 offices in Estonia to exchange currency.

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Popular questions

Do I have to pay a fee when exchanging currencies at Tavid?

Commission on foreign exchange is 3 euros.

Does Tavid exchange foreign currency coins?

From foreign currency coins Tavid only buys GBP, PLN and LVL coins.

NB! Please note that the exchange rate for coins is different to the regular exchange rate!

Does Tavid sell or buy currencies that are not listed on its website?

Normally we only buy and sell currencies that are listed on our website, but you can always contact our customer service by email or call us +372 627 9900  and we may find the solution to change the currency you want.

Do I have to pre-order when buying large amount of a currency?

Although we can arrange large sums of foreign currency at short notice, we recommend that you contact us on +372 627 9900 or at in order to reserve the currency.

What are the Payment Options?

Clients at Tavid can purchase gold and silver products either by placing an order through our online shop, or by visiting one of our offices where the desired products can be purchased over the counter. Take into consideration that the client, the payer and the recipient must be the same person. This applies both to purchases in our online shop and in our offices.

Paying an Online Order

Invoice: Once you have placed an order through the online shop, an advanced offer containing the payment details will be sent automatically to the email address that you provided during the checkout process. When making the payment, the funds should be sent to one of our bank accounts listed on the invoice. When making the bank transfer, always refer to the order number.

EveryPay payment: The customers of LHV, Luminor, SEB and Swedbank online banking can pay using EveryPay- a Swedish licensed payment institution that intermediates online banking solutions. Making EveryPay payment is very easy and it does not require you to register as user. Simple steps to make online EveryPay payment in Tavid webshop:

  •  Select your bank and log in as you normally do.
  • Confirm your payment with your preferred authentication method.

Paying Over the Counter

For purchases over the counter, Tavid accepts cash and foreign currency.

Tavid accepts foreign currency as a payment option; however, we are required to exchange the foreign cash into euros upon purchase – we offer a preferable exchange rate when you buy gold or silver. Please contact us on +372 6279900 or by email at for more information regarding this service.

Anti-money laundering regulations

For sales and purchases of gold and silver products over 10 000 euros, we are required by Estonian law to identify the person.

In order to facilitate the personal identification, the client shall present one of the following documents:
– Estonian passport
– ID card
– Diplomatic passport
– Driver’s license issued in Estonia
– Passport of a foreign country or a passport of a foreigner

NOTE! No transactions will be carried out upon failure to present the document!

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