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Byzantine Solidus*

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The abbreviation CONOB (Constantinopoli obryzum) can be found usually on the reverse of many gold coins of ... read more
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The abbreviation CONOB (Constantinopoli obryzum) can be found usually on the reverse of many gold coins of Byzantium. The solidus weighed 1/72 of the Roman pound. "OB" was both an abbreviation for the word obryzum, which means refined or pure gold, and is the Greek numeral 72. 

The solidus was originally a gold coin issued by the Romans. It was introduced by Constantine I in 312, replacing the aureus as the imperial gold coin of the Roman Empire. The solidus maintained essentially unaltered in weight and purity until the 10th century. Whenever the coin was taken in by the treasury, it was melted down and reissued. This maintained the evenness of the weight of the circulating solidi, since the coin did not tend to be in circulation for long enough to become worn. Although merchants were forbidden from using solidi outside of the Byzantine Empire, there was sufficient trade in these coins outside of the empire that they became a desirable circulating currency in Arabic countries. Since the solidi circulating outside the empire were not used to pay the taxes to the emperor (taxes were required to be paid in gold), they did not get re-minted, and the soft pure gold coins quickly became worn.

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Fact: gold price in EUR has risen 80.5% in the last 8 years. The lowest price was 1011,47 EUR/oz and the highest 2286,90 EUR/oz. Current world market price is 2173,96 EUR/oz



Flavius Phocas Augustus, Byzantine Emperor (reigned 602–610), called the Tyrant, usurped the throne from the Emperor Maurice, and was himself overthrown by Heraclius after losing a civil war.


Heraclius was a Byzantine Emperor, who ruled the Roman Empire for over thirty years, from October 5, 610 to February 11, 641. His rise to power began in 608, when he and his father successfully led a revolt against the unpopular usurper Phocas. He is also remembered for abandoning the use of Latin in official documents; further Hellenizing the Empire.

Constans II

Constans II, also called "Pogonatas," because of his thick beard, was Byzantine emperor from 641 to 668. While he was christened Flavius Heraclius, he ruled as Constantine.

Constantine IV 

Sometimes incorrectly called Pogonatos, "the Bearded", by confusion with his father. He was Byzantine emperor from 668 to 685. He had been named a co-emperor with his father Constans II in 654, and became senior emperor when Constans was assassinated in 668.


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Obryzum or 72

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