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May I exchange banknotes and coins at Tavid?

Published by Kirke Sööt 5 years ago
Gold price (XAU-EUR)
2175,61 EUR/oz
+ 8,23 EUR
Silver price (XAG-EUR)
25,61 EUR/oz
+ 0,30 EUR

Bank note exchange means that the notes of Euro as well as the notes of foreign currencies can be exchanged for larger or smaller notes.

For example:

You have a hundred 20€ notes and wish to have four 500€ notes.

You have ten 500 Swedish krona bank notes and wish to receive fifty 100 krona notes.

This service has a fee. The minimum fee is 4 EUR or 1,0% of the sum for Euros and 1,0%–5% for foreign currencies.

NOTE! Notes are exchanged in case Tavid has them in stock.

For further information, please contact us on +372 627 9900 or at for further information.

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