Special offer for historical French “Marianne and Rooster” gold coins

THE OFFER ENDED ON 02.04.2007!

We have 1000 historical French “Marianne and Rooster” gold coins now available for sale

When buying 20 coins at once the price is gold world market rate +4,9%

Offer is valid until coins are sold out.
For smaller amounts the regular pricelist applies (VNF).


The French 20 Franc “Marianne and Rooster” coin is 90% pure gold and containd 5,806 grams of pure gold. The coins are produced from 1898 to 1914. More information about the coin HERE.

Ask about the offer from:
Tallinn office: 5 Aia streer, Tel: +372 627 9900
Tartu office: 2 Rüütli street, Tel: +372 730 1170


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