Gold Price Forecasts: Bhargava N. Vaidya

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) asked 23 Gold analysts from around the world for their predictions on the average, high and low price range for the year ahead for Gold. Analysts who contributed to the Survey were invited to identify the top five drivers likely to influence the gold price in 2017. The top two drivers were the US dollar and US real interest rates, followed by demand in China and India, globaal political events and President Trump’s fiscal and International policies. Gold Stock News presents what the Analysts forecast for Gold in 2017.


Bhargava N. Vaidya

B.N. Vaidya & Associates, Mumbai

Gold: Range: $1,100 – $1,375

Average: $1,260

Gold will remain in same range as in 2016. With US economy showing signs of growth and FED indicating an increase in US dollar rates, investment demand in gold will remain low. Supply of scrap is likely to remain at same level. The demand for physical in Asian countries will remain around same level. Gold will retain its old straits of ‘store of value’ and ‘a safe-haven investment’.

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