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Canada launched five 9s gold Maple Leaf

Published by Kirke Sööt in category Financial news on 29.11.2007
Gold price (XAU-EUR)
2231,05 EUR/oz
- 2,11 EUR
Silver price (XAG-EUR)
29,34 EUR/oz
- 0,06 EUR

The Royal Canadian Mint has released the very first 999.99 (that’s five 9s!) pure one-ounce gold Maple Leaf. This gold coin is the only 999.99 pure gold bullion coin currently produced by a government mint. Producing 999.99 is a difficult task that requires engineering excellence.

The new coin will surely appeal to collectors for its First-Year-of-Issue status and low mintage numbers.


The reverse design bears a beautiful 12-sided edge and a new, elegant maple leaf design. The reverse design will change with each annual issue making the 2007 issue unique from all other Maple Leaf coins.

The obverse of each coin bears an image of the Queen, as seen on the traditional Canadian Maple Leaf coins.


The Mint has come up with great packaging for its new 1 oz 999.99 fine Gold Maple Leafs. The coins will be suspended on ~10 x 12 cm cards, much as small gold bars are packaged.

Face value

The new 999.99 fine 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf will carry a $200 face value, whereas the 999.9 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf has a $50 face value.

Limited mintage

Although production will be limited, the Mint has not set a specific number. We only know that the coins will be minted for one year. Also, it has been said that what really limits the number of coins mintage is the amount of 999.99 gold the Mint can produce. The guesstimate is 30,000 coins.

Mint facility: The coins are minted at the Royal Canadian Mint in Canada.

The new 999.99 coin will not replace the Mint’s standard 999.9 Gold Maple Leaf coin but is a limited edition coin.

More about this coin HERE

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