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Gold Jewellery Purchasing

Published by Kirke Sööt in category Financial news on 18.02.2010
Gold price (XAU-EUR)
2220,27 EUR/oz
+ 18,95 EUR
Silver price (XAG-EUR)
26,94 EUR/oz
+ 0,19 EUR

We started with the purchase of jewellery gold (scrap gold) because we believe that currently number of pawnshops, foreign gold buying companies and other purchasers of gold operating in the Estonian market do not offer a fair price. Also more and more customers are turning to us with a wish to sell their gold jewellery.

Tavid buys any gold with proofs 375 and higher*. Gram price depends on the world market spot gold price and the most common proof (375/9K, 585/14K and 750/18K) prices are stated in our gold price list.

Minimum volume of one transaction is 2 grams.

Currently we buy gold only in Tavid head offices:
  • 5 Aia street, Tallinn (tel: +372 627 9900)
  • 2 Rüütli street, Tartu (tel: +372 730 1170)
  • Lõunakeskus, Tartu

Our specialist determines the proof of your gold jewellery and quotes the price. Money is paid immediately.

The seller must be at least 18 years of age, legal owner of the sold items and has to have the unlimited right to transfer the ownership of the sold objects.

* – Tavid does not buy gold dust and uncleaned dental gold.

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