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The first gold coin of the Australian Lunar Series II is now available

Published by Kirke Sööt in category Financial news on 23.11.2007
Gold price (XAU-EUR)
2174,27 EUR/oz
- 26,49 EUR
Silver price (XAG-EUR)
27,71 EUR/oz
- 0,99 EUR

The first Australian Lunar gold coin series produced by The Perth Mint 1996-2007 became popular beyond expectation among investors and collectors. Therefore, towards the end of the first series the demand for second 12-year Lunar coin series became big.

Series II of the Australian Lunar gold coins starts out with “Year of the Mouse” coin of 2008. Currently we only have 1 oz size coins available, but other sizes will arrive shortly.

A few changes have been made to the Series II to make the Lunar coins even more appealing.

Changes in maximum mintage limits

No mintage limit applies to 1 Kilo, 10oz, 2oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz and 1/20oz gold coins. However, production will take place only one year, after which The Perth Mint will declare each coin’s official mintage.

The most popular investment size – 1 oz coin – has a maximum mintage limit of 30,000. Production will cease when the mintage is fully sold or at the end of the 12-year series, whichever comes first.

Larger diameter

Contributing even further to the appeal of Series II, the majority of these coins are struck with a noticeably larger diameter than normal, adding to their prestigious appearance.

Australian Lunar 2008 gold coin – Year of the Mouse

2008-dated Australian Lunar gold bullion coins depict a mouse crouching on a bed of stones with chilli peppers clustered in the background. Included in the design is The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark, as well as the inscription ‘Year of the Mouse’ and the Chinese character for ‘mouse’.

Issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965, each gold coin depicts the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse. Also the coins origin country, year, denomination, gold weight and proof are marked on the obverse.

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