Gold and Gold Mining Shares As a Percentage of Global Assets or ‘The Once In a Lifetime Ride’

From our readings of Casey Research we found a great chart and comments from Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management, we bring this to your attention:

Eric Sprott –  ….“The conventional wisdom is that gold is in a bubble. It isn’t so. As you can see in the chart, which I am republishing here, gold holdings are currently a fraction of what they’ve been historically.

We have a long way to go before gold can be considered fully valued, so sit tight and be right.”

….”Get yourself positioned to take advantage of this once in a lifetime ride.”


Tavid pakub investeeringu münte võimalikult madala hinnaga. Meie kliendid on sellest teadlikud ja seetõttu on rohkem kui kunagi varem valmis ostma meie tooteid, jaotamaks riski teiste varaklasside vahel.

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